10 Pets That Are Probably Part Of The Marijoinlah Club

1. If a dog's life is 7 times shorter than a human's, I should have 7 birthdays a year right?

                   Picture Source: Vice Motherboard


2. Bro can you please not look so suspicious

             Picture Source: Herb.co


3. *Laughs non-stop at something which wasn’t even that funny*

          Picture Source: Pinterest


4. I’m so Zen right now

       Picture Source: Buzzfeed


5. Don’t Hog the J Dog

     Picture Source: Elitedaily


6. I have selective hearing

            Picture Source: 9gag


7. Lightweight Buddy

     Picture Source: Goodlolz.com


8. Bro can you repeat that part about the stuff when you said all the things


9. Yea I’ll be with you in a second

     Picture Source: Unilad


10. The Muncher and the Statue

     Picture Source: Reddit.com


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