10 Spots to Visit In Malaysia After / For a Marijoinlah Session

1. Central Market

Central Market Marijoinlah

Apart from the fact that 120% of the people around will know what you’ve been up to by looking at your eyes and welcome you with open arms, this spot is also our absolute favourite to witness the best of the arts that Malaysia has to offer. Name it and they have got it… handmade crafts, from clothes to wooden carvings and jewelry to batik fabrics; all alongside plenty of street food options. The market also contains the Annexe, a space reserved for art galleries showcasing the work of local artists. Buskers with mad skills will also be jamming everywhere you look. And bugger….please don’t you even dare bargain with these folks when you are willing to pay RM 20 for a coffee at Starbucks….support your local and upcoming artists and craftsmen pls.

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2. Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands Marijoinlah

Highlands…GET IT?? HAHA. If you did please be ashamed of how basic your sense of humor is. At Marijoinlah we are all about intellectual conversations. Ok back to what we were talking about. Cameron Highlands is an amazingballs spot to blaze on the way up, blaze while up and/or blaze on the way down (our recommendation is to choose two). Sitting 1500 meters above sea level, the Cameron Highlands is an extensive hill station named after William Cameron, the British surveyor who stumbled upon the soft, curvy sides of these picturesque green hills in 1885. The area hosts the largest tea plantations in Malaysia and many strawberry farms that have tastes way better than the Juicy Jay flavours. Oh and for munchies SCONES and STEAMBOAT!


 3. Perhentian Islands

Perhentian Islands Marijoinlah

This is a bit of a travel to the east side of Malaysia but totally worth it once you get there. The locals there are pretty well equipped to handle connoisseur visitors and will be able to cater for your preferred type of chillout holiday. This is a small archipelago with two main islands; Besar, the bigger, and Kecil, the smaller. Both boast splendid beaches, white sand, an amazingly blue, shallow sea and the shadows of tall palm trees. Apart from tourists, the islands are mostly uninhabited, making them a perfect place to disconnect and take a break from modern life. If you are the type of connoisseur who likes to disconnect from civilization every now and then, this is definitely it.

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4. Taman Negara

Taman Negara Marijoinlah

The entire park spans 4000 flippin square kilometers. (Singapore is 70 square kilometers for scale). Kudos to the authorities who have maintained the spot at its pristine state. The region is also home to many of Malaysia’s endangered species such as the Malaysian tiger, crab eating macaque, Asian Elephant and tree-hugging homo sapiens. We suggest spending 3-4 days here so that you can allocate 1-2 days to chillout and blaze amongst the nature and the rest exploring Bird watching, excursions through the dense jungles of the park, and the night walks, where the lack of light brings out buzzing insects, are particularly thrilling. The rainforest can also be viewed from above the treetops while trekking down the 530-meter-long suspended Canopy Walkway.

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5. KLCC Park

KLCC Park Marijoinlah

If you’re the spoilt connoisseur who loves after-session hangouts in the city and at the same time wants some nature thrown in, then KLCC Park is definitely where you can have the cake and eat it too. The park is deceptively large and as well as brilliant play equipment for kids, there's a running track and eye-catching fountains that spray forth throughout the day and turn into a light show every evening. Or you could just sit by the cafe’s along the park and people watch and judge everyone walking by because hey, you’re a know it all Marijoinlah head.


6. Banjaran Hot Springs

Banjaran Hot Springs Marijoinlah

This spot is a fav with the luxe connoissuers who have got a bit of extra monies, or as they call it fun coupons, to splash. It is definitely worth every ringgit but a night stay at this spot can cost a whopping RM 1,500.00!. Check out the ratings / reviews and you will know what I am talking about. You will come back from your visit feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and poor.


7. Janda Baik Stays

Janda Baik Marijoinlah

There are several Rumah Kampung-esque mansions with swimming pools within pristine natural settings that you can book out for a few days. Can you imagine that this spot is only 45 minutes from KL. Hell it takes me 45 minutes to get out of Subang Jaya. Our recommendation…book out this spot for 2 days, have 10-20 of your homies over, just blaze by the pool and barbeque awayyyy.

8. Chilling Waterfall KKB

Chilling Waterfall KKB

WARNING: This spot is only for athletic connoisseurs who are able to blaze and then take on a hike without passing out or whining like a little b*tch the entire way. The falls are located on the path to Fraser's Hill are several waterfalls located in Selangor, Malaysia. The waterfalls are composed of three separate vertical waterfall, and to explore all of them


9. Pantai Redang (Sekinchan) (热浪沙滩)

Pantai Redang, Sekinchan Marijoinlah

This spot is for the lazy connoisseur who just wants to cake out at the beach and have a monster munchies of seafood. Pantai Redang Beach is especially jumping during weekends and public holidays where the market dominates the scene. There are loads of seafood spots around the beach which are decent. While the beach is not Perhentian-grade…it will still do if all you want to do is get away from the city and chill out for a bit.


10. Endau Rompin National Park, Johor

Endau Rompin National Park Marijoinlah

This is for the adventure seeking connoisseur. The National Park contains oldest rainforests in the world. The name comes from the two rivers that run through the park; the Endau River and the Rompin River. People that visit the national park do so to visit the many wonderful waterfalls, or to visit the Orang Asli tribes. The park is not easily accessible (by normal vehicles) which makes it an attraction especially popular among adventure seekers.


So there you go, please stop getting caked in your house daily and get with the Cuti-Cuti Malaysia program my Marijoinlah comrades. You won’t regret it! We are not liable for any silly moves or you getting in trouble XD.

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