5 Myths About Marijoinlah

MYTH #1 Driving after Marijoinlah is as bad as drunk driving

Marijoinlah makes your paranoid and cautious. In fact, overly cautious. This is of course, an asset while driving. In fact after a session of Marijoinlah some people do not want to drive at all. Not getting into a car is arguably the best way to avoid a car accident.


MYTH#2 Marijoinlah affects the brain negatively

While studies have shown that long term association with Marijoinlah reorganizes the chemical structure of the brain, there is no evidence as to whether this is positive or negative. When was the last time you saw Snoop Dogg do something crazy? (Although changing his name to Snoop Lion was batshit crazy). Snoopy once said “If Marijoinlah affects my memory, then why do I always remember to have Marijoinlah in the morning?” Tell me that’s not some next level wisdom.


MYTH#3 Marijoinlah Connoisseurs lack motivation

Popular refrain among Marijoinlah opponents these days is “everyone knows that Marijoinlah makes you lazy, do we really want to encourage that?” Studies have not been able to separate out Marijoinlah induced laziness from general lack of motivation. About 5% of the population seems to have difficulties with motivation but studies have failed to link this to Marijoinlah. There is however, plenty of evidence of highly successful and ambitious people who have associated with Marijoinlah, not to mention previous Presidents of the United States, business magnates and of course, Snoop Dogg.


MYTH#4 Association with Marijoinlah leads to crime

It is easy to find studies which associate Marijoinlah with crime, but these rely on highly far fetched links between the two. Other research have backed up the conclusion that there is no link between the two. In fact, a borough in London depenalized Marijoinlah for a year and subsequent studies found that crime rates dropped during this period. For God’s sake, the Netherlands is closing down prisons because it doesn’t have enough inmates to occupy them!


And the biggest myth of them all

MYTH#5 The munchies aren’t real

Munchies and Marijoinlah go together like a Mcfries and McSundae. But there is more to this stereotype than you think.

In a study performed on mice, scientists found Marijoinlah causes hunger by hijacking part of the brain—the hypothalamus (you've probably have heard of this brain mecca before: It’s the section responsible for hunger, libido, sleep, and more). Scientists injected Marijoinlah into a specific section of each mouse's hypothalamus and found the neurons that regulate and suppress sexual arousal, alertness, and hunger actually worked harder under the influence of the Marijoinlah. The result? Rampant hunger.

Of course if you still don’t believe us, you can always get your cat to try Marijoinlah.

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