5 Unique Rolling Papers You Probably Have Not Heard About

Review of 5 Unique Rolling Papers


Trip2 Clear Rolling Papers

Trip 2 Clear Rolling Papers

Trip2 are clear rolling papers that are completely see through. If you’re wondering what sort of sorcery this is, its actually made of cellulose which has gone through some processing. The paper wraps and sticks very tightly and has no signs of coming undone while smoking. It's also super slow burning, meaning it'll go around for a while. Best part, you can see what’s inside and can be absolutely sure that you haven’t been passed a J rolled with tea leaves. The papers are also reasonably priced at RM 4.50 at the Marijoinlah Store.


Juicy Jay Cherry Vanilla Blunt

Juicy Jay Flavoured Blunts

Perfect for those delusional moments when you feel like you’re starring in a rap video. Rolling a blunt can be tricky but the results are phenomenal. The phat, thick smoke that you get from each inhale delivers an amazing hit. Juicy Jay Flavored Blunts have a very intense and flavorful scent that will make you want to chew up the blunt while you’re licking up the roll. Our personal favorite is the Cherry Vanilla flavor which tastes like its been soaked in Dr. Pepper for a week. While the scent is intense, the flavor is mild enough not to overpower the taste of the Marijoinlah when smoked.

Here’s a great video we found on how to roll a perfect blunt https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LMz2mYc6PtY


Pouch Rolling Paper

Pouch Paper

At this stage of innovation in the industry, there is pretty much a solution for every problem that a connoisseur faces. Pouch Paper is a solution for those spillers who end up gathering herb combined with cat hair off the ground to re-roll a J. The built in pouch holds the entire load while you roll your J up. If this still doesn’t solve your spilling problem, then please consider just eating your Marijoinlah.


Raw 12 Inch Rolling Paper

RAW Foot 12” Long Rolling Paper

Attention all Attention Seekers! This is a definite head turner at parties. Some say rolling a foot long J is a waste of Marijoinlah, but what better way to announce your commitment to your Marijoinlah practice than lighting up a foot long J at a party? The papers are unbleached with natural hemp gum, all natural and additive free. Rolling a J with these papers are a rite of passage to the RAW Life. However, there is a downside to the RAW Papers in general, i.e. the gum layer being too thin. Using too much moisture when you roll can lead to catastrophic joint failure.


Juicy Jay Flavored Rolling Paper

Juicy Jays Flavored Paper

Juicy Jays are the first mass marketed flavored papers and currently have more than 30 flavors available. Like the Juicy Jay Flavored Blunts, the flavor on these papers are intense and taste almost exactly like the flavor they represent. The papers have soy ink print on them which looks pretty cool. The papers a flavored just the right amount to prevent the smell from overpowering the sweet scent of your Marijoinlah when smoked. Some say the papers make up for your recommended daily fruit intake, but thats for you to decide. 


You can always get the necessary rolling papers, filter tips, grinders and vaporizers at our online store.

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