7 Most Successful Marijoinlah Connoisseurs of All Time

Over the years society and gomen has painted a bleak and misleading picture about users of Marijoinlah. We all know how much Marijoinlah Connoisseurs love a conspiracy theory involving the gomen, but to be honest, we think that our gomen loves publicity way too much to keep a conspiracy secret. Let us examine the facts of whether use of Marijoinlah can negatively affect your future by looking at the profiles of 7 highly successful Marijoinlah Connoisseurs. Next time mama tells you to stay away from Marijoinlah, you can show her this list. We can’t guarantee that she will not still whoop you a** for using Marijoinlah, but at least she might be whooping the next President of the United States.


1. Barack Obama

Barack Obama Marijoinlah


George Washington grew a farm, and Clinton has had his own history. However good ol’ Barry has to be the most vocal Connoisseur of Marijoinlah, who happened to also be the President of the United States. His book, Dreams From My Father clearly outlines his experience (and enjoying the experience) of using Marijoinlah in his younger days. You might have reservations about his policies of late, but his strongest critics must recognize his intelligence in dealing with issues in post depression America.


2. (Sir) Richard Branson

Richard Branson Marijoinlah

If you want to know if you have succeeded in life, just periodically check if you have got a “Sir” behind your name. If you do, please get in touch with us and we will feature you on this list! This outspoken billionaire started off with a provocatively named record store, Virgin Records, from literally scratch. Through charisma and undeterred efforts, this record company grew into a multi-billion dollar empire, which is now thinking of launching people into space! (Not the kind of space launch Marijoinlah Connoisseurs are used to). Not only does he consume Marijoinlah regularly, he shares this past time with his 20-something year old son! Talk about wholesome family activities.


3. Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs Marijoinlah

The impact Steve Jobs has had on the world is astounding. He has created a phone that will make people line up for days just to spend their hard earned money. Who knows what more Jobs would have achieved if he had lived past 56. Jobs has on several occasions spoken about his life long love for Marijoinlah. Lets hope that Marijoinlah will the same effect on all of us (or at least one) J


4. Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps Marijoinlah

We are often told that athletes are committed to a life of health smoothies and stringent exercise regimens. Phelps, however who has more gold medals than anyone in history got caught on camera hitting some Marijoinlah out of a cool apparatus, and he claimed it was a “one-time experience”.  All of us Marijoinlah Connoisseurs knew all too well what a “one-time experience” meant.


5. Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger Marijoinlah

Arnold’s one of a kind career progression is no small feat. He first gained fame as a bodybuilder, and in the video Pumping Iron, you can see him having Marijoinlah. The scene didn’t stop his astronomical Hollywood career, nor did it affect his path to becoming the Governor of California. His early efforts in promoting Marijoinlah eventually led to California okaying the sale and use of Marijoinlah. Kudos Mr. Schwarzenegger!


6. Ted Turner

Ted Turner Marijoinlah

One of the most interesting billionaires of all time, Turner is a mix of charm, daring and audacity. The founder of CNN has cultivated Marijoinlah in his college dorm room and is a huge fan of the cartoon classic Scooby Doo, which by the way is super trippy if you watch it as an adult.


7. Michael Bloomberg

Michael Bloomberg Marijoinlah

Credited for being New York’s best mayor in decades, Bloomberg has no shortage in the humour department. While serving as mayor, Mayor Bloomberg never admitted to usage, by when queried about his younger days, he replied “You bet I did, and I enjoyed it!” And the experience obviously didn’t affect his spot on business decisions and running the biggest metropolis in the world.

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