9 of the Stupidest S**t You Have Done After Marijoinlah

#1 You tried to pass the Jay into the air

Facebook MarijoinlahWhile having a session all by your lonely self, you puffed puffed and passed to the left  and held it there for 12 seconds. God you’re lonely.


#2 You scared yourself for no reason at all


You’re hearing things. There’s someone in the house. The universe is now conspiring against you. And so you scare yourself shitless for 8 hours.


#3 You forgot about the food in the oven


You put a box pizza into the oven for your monster munchies, then went back to watching 34 episodes of Game of Thrones. You went back to the oven and now your pizza looks like a hockey puck.


#4 You spent hours looking for something that was already in your hand



 Everybody where the hell is my phone?! Ok no problem I will just call my phone with my phone.


#5 You acted suspicious for nor reason at all



#6 You opened a pack of munchies, took it out, held the wrapper in your hand threw the contents into the bin


Don’t you even dare deny that this has happened to you more than once. No shame in this.


#7 Taking pictures of a session and putting it on social media


Dumb F**k move really. Anyone who does this intentionally for attention deserves a 2 year ban from your sessions.


#8 Called someone and asked them why you called them


Hey, so what was I calling you for again?

#9 Dropped some mad wisdom on your FB Status

Marijoinlah Wisdom

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