Busy Making Memories with Marijoinlah


By: ShivaSkunk

Date: 20 March 2017

Sitting down after work, smoked a jay and I am listening to some 80s Retro. Thinking, it’s about time I share one of my experiences with other Marijoinlah Connoisseurs.

The last semester of Uni was probably the best time I’ve ever had.  I was the team leader for a final year project, joined a film contest with friends and, on top of that, I had to deal with some life stuff.

I was 22 in Uni and almost constantly broke. However, as young and reckless that I was (with the possibility of getting stranded on the island due to my no good financial planning), my friends and I planned a tripped to Koh Samui.

Only after booking the tickets and making the arrangements, it hit me. OH SHIT! I HAVE TO FIND A WAY TO GET MONEY!

The idea of saving never took an interest to me. But, to make that extra dough and survive in Thailand, my friend Alex and I decided to sell some edibles. (Alex and I bonded over time with many sessions and deep talks about life in our first sem). Alex would do the baking, I would make sure to get the customers. With so much going on around us, we would have to schedule our time so perfectly to not miss any work - Both working together to keep the business going.

It was a few months before our holiday when I organized our first edible session at Alex’s. Having some friends over, Alex baked the first batch. After a while we just couldn’t stop eating. The cookies tasted THAT good! And the next thing I know, I am awake the next day and still feeling like Wiz Khalifa.

I knew at that moment, we just HAD to sell these.

Having to “test” the cookies each time was another trip for us.  What can I say? We just wanted the best for our customers. I had to get creative. Few of my sales came from a dating app. I knew it wasn’t the best idea selling edibles to strangers, but I knew I had to hustle LAH.  It was an adventure each time Alex and I made the delivery trips at night. People kept ordering, and the money just kept coming in.

As we made our dough, we made our way to Thailand. The trip would have definitely not been as comfortable if we did not get into this side business. The sales DEFINITELY help me survive. Especially for me, considering that I had met with a motorbike accident and got a tattoo there (on the SAME day). And, to not be broke again upon our return to Uni, we sold a little more and of course more fun.

The money made was worth it. I see no harm being done as everyone enjoyed our edibles. They tasted good, did the work, and it was made with a loads of love. 

Each of our experiences with Marijoinlah has made us who we are today. Our journey may be different, but, we have all made great memories through those times. THESE are the stories I want remember when I’m 70, (hopefully) sitting by the beach naked and STILL smoking a jay.

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