Hidden in Plain Sight

There’s always that ritual of stealthily rolling a J in the car and finding some place to blaze, checking Waze for any Popo alert just in case. When things are in the clear, we would get out of the car and form a smoke circle like That 70s Show at a deserted spot before hitting some party or a bar.

That 70's Show MarijoinlahRemember This?

I don’t know about other people but I prefer getting blazed outside. There’s that thrill of trying to act normal when you’re in public. Whether you’re at some park blazing or in the car hot-boxing with your friends, getting baked in plain sight allows you to blend in, and when the Js hit, it’s like seeing things through a VSCO lens.

Our long journeys went from being chores to being miniature road trips. We were free to blast music, stop at any convenient store to get munchies, and blaze hard.

Bill Clinton Marijoinlah

However, we would have to avoid a lot of obstacles in order not to get caught. Very often, I enjoy the drive more than my destination. Even though you’re at ease, driving and blazing raises a few concerns of its own. You could get pulled over for nearly anything and if your ride smells like Marijoinlah, you’re immediately screwed.

So, how is it that I’ve been blazing for years and been able to avoid detection, for my frequent Marijoinlah use? First of all, let’s acknowledge the fact that most people who consume Marijoinlah are like me- they take precautions like a ninja and therefore, it’s unlikely to get caught.

Here are tips to avoid trouble when you’re blazing in public.


TIP #1 Get Rid of The Odor

This is a must whenever you’re blazed outside. Get rid of the dank smell to avoid suspicion. If you blaze in the car, you can air out your car as you drive while having your car windows open for about 30 minutes. Afterwards, you could use an air freshener to spray your car or our very own Marijoinlah odour eliminator to definitely get rid of the smell. Hairspray works great too. Make sure to wash your hands with soap or use a scented lotion to moisturize your hands. Spray perfume all over yourself and eat breath-mints.

I made a mistake with my homie one time not doing this before heading to class. We were 2 people who definitely smelled like Marijoinlah but we thought nothing of it until we got into an elevator. Some guy and his friend kept looking at us then back at each other while smiling. One of them said, “Do you smell it?” then other replied, “Yup.” All of us ended up laughing when we left the elevator, thank God they weren’t cops.


TIP #2 Blend In, Don’t Dress Like A Marijoinlah Head

Without a doubt the main thing that has saved my ass so many times is my ability to blend in with the crowd. Don’t wear clothes that has Marijoinlah leaves on them, don’t publicize your consumption of Marijoinlah so obviously. The look of a Marijoinlah stereotype may seem cool at first, but it can definitely land you in trouble. Not worth it. Be smart and keep it low-key.

Pothead Marijoinlah


TIP #3 Be Cautious and Aware of Your Surroundings

The littlest simplest things can give you away. Which way are you blowing the smoke? The same way as the wind? Are there any potential undercover cops nearby? Where are the security cameras? When you’re outside, don’t make it obvious that you’re passing a J to your friend. Make sure someone in your circle is also lighting a cigarette to make it less suspicious. At night, don’t pass a J back and forth while lighting it, that flickering lighter going off can be visible from afar. Be sly when passing a J so that little orange glow won’t attract anyone outside when you’re blazing in a circle of friends.

I find that being in the open at a huge parking lot or en empty park, but distant from others, is way more preferred than trying to hide it somewhere. You can just throw the J anywhere if the Popo decides to sneak up on you.

 Police MarijoinlahYeah....you probably shouldn't do this.


TIP #4 Roll your J in advance or find a place to stealthily roll a J

I make a habit of Rolling my Js earlier in advance before I leave the house so that I can save more time. If I’m outside and my friends ask me to roll another, I’d find a quiet deserted corner anywhere or just roll in the car stealthily with a rolling tray. You have to be calm and quick of course to minimize any risk of being caught. You can store your Js in handy metal tins like Wiz Khalifa's to keep it tight and in good condition. Find a low-key place with your friends then blaze.


TIP #5 Dispose Any Trace of Marijoinlah

What’s the first rule of Marijoinlah club? Don’t talk about Marijoinlah club. I can’t emphasize this enough!Store your Marijoinlah carefully in airtight container then hide it, get rid of the ashtray, throw away the used burnt roach, check your clothes and your surroundings for any lingering smell! In this case you can never be too careful. Don’t act careless. Keep breath mints and eye-drops available at all times.

 Sealed Marijoinlah Locked and Locked.


TIP #6 Invest in A Dry Vaporizer

If you want to consume Marijoinlah like the ultimate ninja, then I highly suggest on investing in a portable vaporizer. Think of the endless possibilities! You can vape anywhere without anyone giving you cold looks (as long as you vape at allowed places like smoking areas) and there’s no lingering smell. It’s also healthier too according to credible doctors and scientists. If you’re a mom or a dad and you don’t want your kids to know about your Marijoinlah consumption, vaping is the way to go. It’s also a more grown-up thing to do considering, it saves your Marijoinlah and has a less harmful effect on your lungs. You can check out our selection of dry vaporizers here.

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