Ingest Responsibly

We've all tried edibles in some form or another with amazing and some not-so-amazing experiences. I have tried experimenting with food infusion and passing some samples to some of my closest friends. What disappoints me is that some of them respond that they were not able to feel much!

And yes I agree edibles can vary from person to person, its all about dosage and timing.

These infused products tend to be far more potent than the sticky stuff with which you may be familiar.

Not only that, they can take a while to kick in which leads many people straight to the corner of Discomfort and Regret after they eat too much!

Marijoinlah Homer Simpson

So here are my top 5 rules:

1. Ask about its potency

Not all edibles are going to get you f**ed up. It all depends on how much butter is used. I have figured the right potency I need for myself and my fellow friends to give the right feels. Generally 5mg – 10mg per cookie is good.


2. Start slowly and wait patiently

If you’re new to edibles, experiment in the afternoon or evening on a day when you don’t have any other responsibilities. It may take a couple hours to do its job, so queue up some movies and give it time! You can always eat more once you feel the effects.



3. Eat a proper meal before

Since they are much more intense when consumed on an empty stomach, be sure to eat a solid, nutritious meal before poppin’ them shnacks. Or don’t, if you can handle it. 


4. Label the foods

If you prefer to create your own infused foods at home or have bought them, be sure to always label them.  Seriously, for someone who has never tried them before, you are going to have a time of your life dealing with the problem. Or you could eat some and feel calmer to deal the situation. (Yes, that is something I would do)


5. Don't blaze before

This is a personal opinion. I personally prefer to have an edible and wait anxiously for an hour so for it to get crackin. When you have both a blaze and eat an edible, it is just gonna mess the experience you were expecting. The point is to build an excitement and then baaam this sudden rush of the good feels.

Being a working adult my favourite things are cooking, besides being a Marijoinlah connoisseur. When the two meet, its quite a euphoric feeling.

p.s. Check out the Butter Chicken Happy Recipe posted previously here


Loving all,






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