Malaysia On A Budget: 8 Cheap Thrills In KL and Selangor


Are you constantly broke, with no savings or just don’t like spending on things?
Do you get bored with the same after work routine every single day?
Come back, have dinner and binge watch your favorite shows?


It can be frustrating if most of your colleagues and friends enjoy going for those after-work drinks. You are someone who enjoys going out to make new experiences but still being cheap! Here are our Top 8 Almost-Free Things to Do in the Klang Valley

1. I City @ Shah Alam. (RM 32.20 spent) 

Listed No.1 because this is one of my favorite places to go and chill. Talk about shit you would have to deal at work, going there makes me feel like a child again. Except that you don’t have your parents holding your hands or paying for your rides. To complete my night out, I brought along some Pre-Rolled Raw Cones, filled them up and took a nice slow drive there.

Image via Tripadvisor

There is a bumper car station, a Ferris wheel and plenty more. All rides cost RM 10 per admission! You can also enjoy some pretty trippy lights, the quiet breezy walk and the best part end your day with some yummy ice cream from the stalls.


2. Ampang Bowling Center @ All Over Malaysia  (RM 16.00 spent)

You don’t have to be a professional to go to these bowling centers. Located almost everywhere in Malaysia, head over a little later at night and you will find yourself at a really empty bowling alley. Perfect if you don't want to showcase your excellent skills to the masses.

Image via Ampang Superbowl

Don’t forget to bring your own socks and you get to save RM4.00! You can practice your bowling skills by watching some YouTube videos. Take a break and attend yourself to the snack station. Don’t forget to make friends with the nice Abang, he will play your Spotify and connect it to the speaker!


3. KL Performing Arts Theater @ Sentul (RM 15.00 on fuel)

One of the nicest places in KL and yes in Sentul! It is very artistic with the cool red bricks and a little bit of heritage. This place definitely gives the ‘back-to-the-days' retro feel, and at the same time triggers the artistic side in me.

Image via Lipstiq

There’s a nice park and little lakeside for people to chill and relax. It’s lush nature and feels like it’s somewhere so-not in the city, but in fact this is almost right in the center of Kuala Lumpur. It could be a romantic night out or just chill with your close buddies. Don’t forget to bring a mat and some of our Juicy Jays to complete the night!


4. KLCC Park @ KL City Center (RM 5.00 LRT)

I am sure most of you would have headed there couple of times in your life. But it is one of the most iconic places in Malaysia. Travelling options would be to take the LRT and you reach right smack at KL city center.

Image via Expedia

Lie down in the park, watch the stars or people stare. You are bound to meet some interesting characters playing with a hula-hoop or dancing to some funky music. Alternatively, you can tapau some food, then walk a little to digest. Lastly, don’t miss the last train back because it'll cost you much more then!


5. Ampang Lookout Viewpoint (RM 20.00 on fuel)

This is one of the perfect spots for a panoramic view of the Kuala Lumpur City.

As there is no public transportation, you can only get there by car. To save money, you could take the LRT (Ampang Line) to Cempaka station and take the taxi from there. It’s about a 15 minutes drive from there.

Image via MyHolidayInMalaysia

After the old Lookout Point was shut down in early 2012 a new pasar malam type of area was established at the junction of Jalan Hulu Langat and Jalan Mulia 2/1, about 1km downhill from the closed Lookout Point. The stalls are open every day!


6. Clawset Café @ Damansara Jaya  

If you are an animal lover, cats or dogs, this is a place to go after work for some de-stressing. You don’t have to have a pet to go there. Just order a cup of coffee or tea and crash the animal party.

Image via Tripadvisor

In-house dogs range from several different breeds including Poodle, Pomeranian, French Pug, Maltese and Chihuahua. There are hipster wall paintings for post-meal photo sessions too.

If you are allergic like me, remember to take an anti-histamine pill before going!


7. The Waterfront @ Desa Park City (RM 3.20 Gardenia Bread to feed the fish)

Enjoy the sound of nature! Alright, there might not be as many birds and bugs serenading in the forest but this is a great place to hang out together with your friends or spend some reflection time alone. I've seen old men sitting right at the mini waterfall there feeding fish just to enjoy the moment. Feeding fishes is indeed very therapeutic, so bring some Gardenia for them!


Image via Pinterest

Sometimes you can just come here, sit down and do nothing. Just observe the environment and things happening around you will let your mind clear up and relax. Bring along your G Pro and bask in nature.


8. Bike Rental @ Putrajaya (RM 4 per hour Bike Rental)

I love riding bicycles. Growing up in a small town and being able to do that freely and safely, made me hate the city after moving here. There are few cycling routes and spots in KL & Selangor. But this is by far my favourite. Well yes, Putrajaya is pretty far out but if you're already there then this is a guaranteed thrill!


Image via FoldingTales

The cycling route is 10.5km long and can be completed between an hour or two at a leisurely pace. The route is completely flat so its perfect for a chill ride with no difficult hills to climb. There are bikes for hire at Putrajaya Sentral Station and they're available all week! We suggest going on a weekday as it can get quite busy during weekends.

What are some of your favourite cheap thrills? Share them with us!

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