Marijoinlah-approved Amsterdam Munchies

Are we even Malaysians if we’re not obsessed about food? We like to think that we are the food mecca of the world (which we are, this writer has an obvious bias) and so the hunt for food-joints is a serious sport to us. Especially for Marijoiners, munchies go hand in hand with our favourite pastime activity. 

Marijoinlah Munchies Malaysia

Everyone has their own specialty cuisine of choice; some prefer the OG McDonald’s (thank god for drive-throughs and deliveries), others would rather lepak mamak with a cigarette smoke to “wrap up the session” appropriately. Or maybe you’re more of a dim-sum person; the sight of towering bamboo baskets and seemingly limitless plates of food being rolled over to you makes you wonder if this is what heaven feels like.

So what happens when you’re travelling to Amsterdam? Where do you go to when you need to satisfy your munchies after a coffee shop visit?

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We got you guys with some Marijoinlah approved munchies - Dutch style:

1. Fries and Mayo

This is hands-down a must try for anyone visiting the Netherlands. Some say this originated from Belgium, but we don’t really care where it came from. Its simplicity is what makes this such a beauty - who knew fried potatoes with white sauce could satisfy your innermost munchies craving. Most kiosks around Amsterdam will also offer different sauces to go with your fries, so take this opportunity as a reason to order more than one serving for yourself. Through our 'research' trips to Amsterdam we recommend the Joppiesaus; a sweetish mayo mixed with some curry and cayenne powder to give it a little bit of a spicy kick. You can take a Marijoiner out of Malaysia, but you can’t take the Malaysian out of him ey?

This is perfect for those who prefer hot and greasy food when that high hits you.



2. Stroopwafel

Another iconic dutch snack, the stroopwafel literally translates to “syrup waffle” which is two thin sweet cookies melded together with caramel filling in the middle. The Dutch have taken this legendary snack to all levels. You can now find stroopwafel with Nutella, nuts, marshmallows, with your ice-cream sundae - so you can get creative with how you want to eat this snack. In its original form, you can get it at the local grocery and some come with pretty packaging which makes great gifts to take back to Malaysia. Our recommendation is to eat it with your favourite hot beverage, place the stroopwafel on your mug and let the steam melt the caramel filling. Then take a bite into the soft, chewy stroopwafel goodness and let it transport you to a place where there are no worries.

For a more “atas” experience, you can try out the specialty artisan stores that make your stroopwafel fresh as you order them. This is quite a treat as you also get to customise what you want in your stroopwafel - TERBAIK.

This is for the sweet tooth Marijoiners who is usually polishing off a whole bar of Cadbury chocolate in one munchie sitting.

Amsterdam Stroopwafel

3. Raw Herring

This snack is for the more adventurous Marijoiner - it is certainly not for the faint-hearted. The smell, for one thing, puts some people off, coupled with the fact that it is raw fish requires some bravery on your part to try it. However, this writer likens this delicacy’s aroma to belacan and ikan masin which, let’s be real, makes our mouth water more instead of running the other way. The dish is usually served with onions and pickles to complement the strong fishy umami flavour and has a very fatty taste. It is recommended to eat it while holding the whole fish above your head and dropping it into your mouth like you’re feeding a baby bird. We are not sure why this is the case, but we like to honour our food by consuming it the way the OGs did it from way back when.

Repeating again, this is for the strong-willed Marijoiners. In fact, we dare you to try this and report back to us.

4. Fried Kibbeling

For those who would give the raw herring a pass, this might be a better option for you. Kibbeling is a dish made out of battered chunks of deep-fried fish that are commonly served with garlic-mayonnaise sauce. Fish is an important protein source in the Dutch diet, so you can find a variety of kiosks around the city with different seafood options. You can also get deep fried prawns and cuttlefish to fill that emptiness at the pit of your stomach when the munchies are hitting you HARD. Our highest recommendation is to consume the snack as soon as you get it while it's piping hot. Make sure to request for spicy herbs on your kibbeling for that extra kick!

This is perfect for the Marijoiner who orders 20 piece chicken nuggets on a late-night McDonald’s run and finishes it all off himself.

 Kibbeling Amsterdam


I’m getting peck-ish now as I write about these munchies. Did I miss out on any other Dutch snacks worth mentioning? Don't forget the Marijoinlah’s Amsterdam Raffle is running till 30 April 2022. This is your chance to win a trip to Amsterdam, full details on the contest page!

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