Marijoinlah Turns Enemies into Friends

*Names are changed to maintain anonymity*

When I was younger, I used to have a short fuse and because of this, I’ve gotten into a whole lot of quarrels in the past.  I was the type of person who would blow up erratically whenever someone crosses me that I had gained quite the reputation for myself. I was known as the uptight chick who wasn’t afraid of confrontation because of my sharp and fierce ability to expose assholes. I used to call out on peoples’ bullshit to their faces (but I have mellowed down over the years) because as I get older, I don’t have the energy to entertain posers.

Here’s a story of how Marijoinlah brought world peace between two raging enemies who used to be at war with each other.

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It was the first week of college and classes had just begun. Every time I stepped foot in class and rushed towards the back end to get a seat, I’d get halted abruptly by Brock. Brock is this ultimate douchebag that deserves a sucker punch to the face every time he opens his mouth because of how snobbish and obnoxious he is. Basically, he’s an abrasive try hard who would do anything for the sake of attention and that often includes, countless pathetic heroic attempts at impressing hot chicks in the class. You’re bound to meet a lot of Brocks in your life, unfortunately, this type of species tend to breed almost everywhere.

He would often save seats for the hottest girls in class and those premium seats are usually at the back. I’m no seat police but this habit of Brock became so frequent that it caused a lot of annoyance amongst other classmates, including myself. It would be fine if he saved one or two seats but this twat wasn’t doing that, he was saving two whole row of seats. If that wasn’t enough, the girls he reserved the seats for often came to class super late. Super late as in, they would show up when there’s literally only 10 minutes left until the class ended. What ogled me even more was the fact that no one had the guts to say anything about it but that all changed one day when I finally have had enough.


Marijoinlah Tool

It was Wednesday morning and I came to class early. I comfortably sat my ass down in one of the seats at the back and as usual, Brock took notice. “Excuse me but those seats are reserved” said Brock as I looked at him with a blank expression on my face. I was completely unfazed. “I'll move when they come.” I replied, he walked away without saying anything.


After 20 minutes of awkward silence, the rest of the class showed up but there were still no signs of the hot girls. I kept sitting, Brock seemed frustrated. The lecturer finally came in and the class settled down. Ms. A was addressing the class, then she made a comment about the look of frustration on Brock’s face. “Why aren't you sitting with your best friends Brock?” asked Ms. A, “I would but, someone took our seats so unfortunately, we can't sit together-” said Brock but then I interrupted him.


 “Excuse me? Who do you think you are? “Someone took your seats”? What is this? Are we in high school? I don't see your names anywhere. First come first served ah!” my voice got higher as I kept talking. The class reacted, saying “Whoaaa.” Brock stuttered as he tried to talk, “Well, siapa termakan cili terasa pedasnya” he mumbled. What a weak comeback. Ms. A was enjoying this, she had my back. “Alright, quiet!” shouted Ms. A, the class went silent.



 He got sassed out!

Ever since then, Brock and his friends kept a close eye on me. Viola, (one of the hot chicks that Brock was trying to woo over) grew a fascination towards me, especially after she found out that I was a Marijoinlah head. I coincidentally had a sesh with one of her friends and word got out that I was looking for stuff. Viola wasn't only a connoisseur, she was also a hustler.


I was unaware of this until Viola decided to contact me. She sent me a random text saying, “Do you fog? Do you wanna have a sesh with me? It's Viola.” I was shocked but hey, how could I refuse an offer like that? I agreed to meet up with her without question. After all, I'm always down for a session.


She texted me her address and invited me over. I walked towards her place without not knowing what to expect since we weren't in good terms. Despite everything, I kept an open mind. When I reached her place, she opened the door and I immediately noticed a poster of Bob Marley on the wall.


“Come, sit with me.” Viola uttered, she was taking out her 420 kit. She took out the goods and I was in awe. “You ready to fire up some of this loud?” Viola boasted. I didn't mind her showing off because it was a beautiful thing to witness. And consume. She rolled a decent J and sparked it up.


What came after was a long conversation of how we saw each other. She thought I was this uptight nerd, I saw her as a typical party girl. She said it blew her mind when she found out about my love for Marijoinlah. “I don't know how you do it, you're so wild and yet, you're still doing good in class” said Viola. I didn't know what to say because I was blushing at this point, we're homies now.


“To be honest, I never liked Brock” Viola continued talking, “I think he tries too hard, even worse than a dog! it's so annoying, ugh” she stopped talking. From that moment, I knew we were going to get along just fine.


A Happy Ending!

We continued having sessions throughout the semesters and our hazy moments blossomed into an awesome friendship. We even became blazed out studying partners! Fun times indeed. This is the magic of Marijoinlah, it can turn two sworn enemies, into close homies. I never get tired of this.

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