Marijoinlah's Streetwear and Fashion Picks of 2017

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From our humble beginnings to bring affordable rolling products to Malaysia, Marijoinlah has grown to become a lifestyle of its own, promoting all that is counter-culture and non-conformist. This week, Marijoinlah showcases some of its best streetwear / fashion picks for 2017, the ones which resonate with the Marijoinlah crew.

1.Tarik Jeans

Tarik Jeans

Tarik Jeans KL Fashion Week 2017

Tarik Jeans was founded in 2010 on Malaysian shores by Afiq Iskandar, a successful yet down to earth fashion entrepreneur and renown musician. You might also recognize him as the lead guitarist for Malaysian rock band Oh Chentaku! Tarik is a movement come brand that celebrates all that is Malaysian, denim and street. Its main theme is the rich cultural diversity we have here in Malaysia. They made their debut in KL Fashion Week 2016 and continue to be the talk of the town in the recent KLFW 2017.


2. Supreme

Supreme Streetwear

Supreme Streetwear Supreme Streetwear

The iconic Supreme brand needs no further introduction as it grows by leaps and bounds in the streetwear scene year after year. The brand was founded by James Jebbia way back in 1994 and has grown it with sheer grit and a pulse on the ground over the years. They epitomize all that is counter-culture, even making a ‘bootleg’ version of LV print merchandise mashed in with the Supreme Logo. After LV served a legal notice for them to cease this line of products, in an interesting plot twist, the 2 brands officially collaborated to produce the eye catching Supreme LV line, now super legit.


3. Swagger Salon (Lansi)

Swagger Salon Lansi

Swagger Salon Lansi Swagger Salon Lansi

The Swagger Salon started as an online streetwear boutique in 2010, and opened the doors to its first flagship store located at 37, Jalan Gurdwara, 10300 George Town, Penang. Over a short span of time it has managed to ‘arouse’ the attention of Malaysians with its steamy photoshoots and catchy designs. The word Lansi became a growing trend in Malaysia due to its meaning in the local slang which translates to “cocky”. Since its iconic Lansi caps, the product range is now wide, with new releases being made all the time.


4. Rare Clothing Co.

Rare Clothing Co Malaysia

Rare Clothing Co Malaysia Rare Clothing Co Malaysia

Rare Clothing Co. is an independent Malaysian clothing brand that delivers premium and relevant products which are at the core of Malaysian art and fashion. The pieces are refined and include a wide range such as headwear, tees, accessories and cut & sew items.


5. Brain Dead

Brain Dead Streetwear Brain Dead Streetwear

Brain Dead was formed by Kyle Ng and Ed Davis back in 2014 in California. Its branding includes a mush of offbeat subcultures and peculiar comics (check them out!). They have also interestingly launched a record label in 2016 and have made a their mark in the global streetwear scene.  

6. Bape Bape Streetwear

Bape Shark Hoodie Bape Streetwear Jacket

Bape has been making waves in the global streetwear scene and needs no further introduction. It has had major backing from hip-hop personalities (likes of Jay-Z) and iconic motifs. The brand had been dormant for a while, until it made its huge comeback in 2016 with a series of videos. And of course, who can miss the Shark Hoodies that has become a household item for the hype crowd everywhere.


7. Anti Social Social Club
Anti Social Social Club

Anti Social Social Club T Shirt Anti Social Social Club Streetwear

ASSC is a LA based couture with a massive social media presence and prevalence. They recently made a collaboration (in true ASSC fashion) with Richardson, a brand which originally started out as an erotic magazine. The line pays homage to ’80s Japanese erotica, with sultry graphics which leave little to the imagination featured on a baby pink hoodie and T-shirt.


8. Stoned and Co

Stoned and Co

Stoned and Co

Known for their symbolic Japanese Maple Leaf logo, Stoned & Co. is a Malaysian independant local brand – founded by three aspirational graphic designers who wanted to create a brand that portrays bold messages with minimal designs. With a dream to create a space for them to communicate and translate their thoughts to the world, Stoned & Co. was formed.


9. Kith

Kith Streetwear

Kith Streetwear

Both Nike and Asics have collaborated with this streetwear brand which has been gaining massive traction globally. If you walk in to the scene with one of their sneakers these days you are OFFICIAL!. Kith was founded by Ronnie Fieg and the line has been dropping limited edition sneakers almost every week, much to the delight of footwear connoisseurs everywhere.


10. Palace

Palace Streetwear

Palace Streetwear

Palace was initially founded as a skate team back in 2010 by skater and designer Lev Tanju. Most known for their signature tri-ferg logo, their line makes references to 90s sportswear and British subcultures. Notable collaboration include a line with Adidas and Reebok.


There you have it, Marijoinlah’s top streetwear/ fashion picks for 2017. If there are other brands that you think are worth mentioning here, do drop us an email!


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