My Childhood Friend is A Marijoinlah Connoisseur

*Names are changed to maintain anonymity*

When I was a kid, I used to grow up in this vibrant neighborhood in Shah Alam. During this awesome period in my life, I became friends with Billy. Billy was this innocent bloke who was 2 years older than me so he showed me the ropes. He taught me how to ride a bike, play Badminton and we did almost everything together.

We lived 3 blocks away from each other, we were so close that every time I wanted to go outside and play, all I had to do was pop my head out of the window and shout “Biiiilllyyy wanna plaayy?!” and Billy would shout back from his bedroom window saying, “Yes!” He was so nice that he became my punching bag, I would bully him from time to time but he knew I was just kidding.  I still remember the days when Billy used to come over my house to check out my new toys and make “potions” with me (we put everything we could find in a glass jar and called it “potions”)

As the years went by, just like everything else, we both grew apart and we completely lost contact after I moved away to Putrajaya at seventeen. Recently, we were reunited at my sister’s wedding and he seemed like he hasn’t not changed one bit. However, this time around, there is one significant change… I found out that he likes to get baked too!

I was with Spongebong Hempants and Mahatma Gaydhi, we were looking for a place to blaze during the wedding. As we were sneaking out of the wedding, I bumped into Billy. Billy seemed elated then he stopped me and said, “Hey, where are you going? Let’s talk!” I froze. I had a dilemma, I wasn’t sure whether I should tell Billy the truth or lie to him and go smoke up with my homies. Our parents were there looking at us, I pulled him and said “Yo, let’s catch up somewhere, let’s go somewhere quiet so we can talk” Mahatma Gaydhi and Spongebong Hempants seemed nervous about this.

We walked out of the wedding and I had this sudden urge to ask him the golden question, it felt like my Marijoinlah radar was beeping. I turned around, looked at him and said, “Do you smoke up? Because that’s what we’re about to do” his jaw dropped, he was shocked but then his face changed. “Hell yeah I do!” he answered with a big grin, I felt relieved.

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We went to a park near the wedding, all of us were chilling by the bench. I took out the J, sparked it up, took a few puffs and passed it to him but he refused, “I can’t wei, my folks are here it’s quite obvious when I’m baked” said Billy. Mahatma Gaydhi took the J right after and continued puffin. All of us talked about the good ol’ times like when I used to bully him and how much of a momma’s boy he was. I kept insisting for us to meet up again and have a proper sesh over a conversation that was long overdue. After all, we had a lot of catching up to do. Billy agreed but he had to leave, he told me to set up a day where we could meet up and chill again.

It was a great baking with friends :)

After weeks went by, we were both finally free to have a sesh. He picked me up then we went somewhere deserted for us to hot-box. I showed him my box of Js (I have a box full of Js that I carry around everywhere for impromptu sessions outdoors) he took one and light it up. As we were passing the J back and forth, we began reminiscing and unravelling stories of what we went through these years. I told him that I’ve lost some friends, got my heart broken here and there, made some new friends and that my family is way better off now. Suddenly, he got quiet. I asked him, “What’s on your mind man? Why are you speechless?” he seemed perplexed. “I just can’t believe the girl I grew up with went through all that, so much drama, it’s crazy that I didn’t know all this” said Billy, he seemed concerned. I shook my head and said, “yeah but no matter how crazy things get, we’re always okay somehow in the end, right? So stop worrying, chill” he smiled. I told him to go to Sushi Flash because the munchies were starting to hit me, he liked the idea so he drove us there.

Both of us were blazed out of our minds and we went a little crazy with the sushi. We had stacks of plates piling up as we were stuffing our faces like barbarians. It got to a point where when we were finished, we laid back in our chairs and rubbed our bellies then nodded at each other in satisfaction. “Thank you for this, Tokisa, this was great” said Billy. “No, no, thank you! I really needed this too, I missed you man and I’m glad that we’re still friends after all these years” I responded.

We said our goodbyes and I was almost in tears (I’m a very sentimental person huhu) but I kept walking on anyway. After that day, I felt like I saw a different side of Billy. I always knew him as this innocent momma’s boy that I used to bully, but now, he’s a grown ass man. We’re both grown-ups now, it’s insane how time flies. I’m just glad that he’s a Marijoinlah head too and I’m looking forward to have more sessions with him in the near future. After all, friends who smoke together, stays together.





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