My dreams came true, I saw Tame Impala Live....Blazed

Kevin Tame ImpalaEdited picture of Kevin Parker from Tame Impala

 *Names are changed to maintain anonymity*

Last year, a miracle happened. What’s the miracle I speak of? The fact that God answered my prayers, Tame Impala finally decided to do an epic gig in Malaysia!

As soon as I heard the news, I started making a budget plan to save up money. But the next day, my heart dropped because their tickets were sold out already! I was on the verge of crying on the phone talking to my friend but I snapped out of it and went on a rampage. Basically, I literally asked and hassled everyone in my contact list and on Twitter if they knew anyone who was selling Tame Impala tickets. It has always been my life mission to go to their concert. It’s included in my bucket list.

 It’s do or die for me at this point. It’s Tame Impala, man!

I discovered Tame Impala when I was 16 years old. I had all the time in the world to discover great music back then and I came across Tame Impala’s Lonerism album. After that, I listened to all of their songs and I got hooked. I used to download a lot of albums, save it for later and listen to them one by one whenever I could. Music was all I ever cared about in high school. I never thought in a million years that Tame Impala would ever come to Malaysia. Never, ever.

I remember, when Tame Impala dropped their Currents album, I was feeling hopeful. I was finishing one of my 5 daily prayers and I cupped my hands and started pleading to God.

 “Bismillah, Ya Allah, please bring Tame Impala here and I’ll be really really really happy and grateful. Ameen.”

Then, bam! God heard me and brought them here. So, imagine the severe devastation I felt when the tickets were sold out in a day. My heart broke but I didn’t give up. I kept on continually searching and searching like as if I was trying to find the cure for cancer and in this case, I was willing to do whatever!

Eventually, after causing annoyance to a lot of people, I found someone who was selling the ticket at RM500.  I didn’t care how expensive it was but then, some other guy tried to buy the ticket at a higher price. I put on my major bidding game and offered to pay RM700. I was broke so I used up all of my allowance, borrowed some money from my friends and starved for a few weeks. The ticket was mine, yay. It was all worth it. I’m not the type to splurge on things (I’m a cheapskate and I hate shopping) but I’m willing to splurge on concert tickets. Always.

I counted down the days until the concert and as each day passed by, I kept finding myself jumping up and down in excitement.

When the day finally came, I woke up with an enormous sinister grin on my face and it stayed that way the entire day. I kept walking around in circles at Nu Sentral, trying my best to keep my cool while I waited for my friends to pick me up.  That totally didn’t work, because again and I cannot emphasize this enough,

It’s Tame Impala, man!

Shirley and Dora picked me up then we headed to KL Live. When we arrived at the parking lot, we got blazed in the car. Shirley and Dora don’t blaze as often as I do so, they started mumbling a lot of random things, especially Shirley. “I’m batu wei, are you batu? I’m so batu right now.” They’re total light-weights and it’s always adorable seeing light-weights flip out. The munchies got the best of Dora and she kept mentioning KFC but we didn’t have enough time to get food. We hauled ass and rushed towards the entrance.

My jaw dropped seeing the queue, it was super long! The whole place was packed like canned sardines. I felt worried for a bit because I’m a friggin’ midget (I’m 4 feet and 10 inches tall) I’d probably end up buried inside the crowd. Being blazed as we were, my heart was racing like crazy because man, I was about to witness one of the best gigs in the world. I could feel the adrenaline pumping in my veins, it was just too unbelievable.

The doors opened and we made our way inside. I’ve never seen KL Live so packed like that before, it was insane. Just like how I predicted, my view of the stage was blocked because I’m super short. I told Shirley and Dora that I’m gonna try and make my way to the front stage because I couldn’t see shit. Surprisingly, a lot of people sympathized with my lack of height and allowed me to pass through.

Tame Impala Stage View MarijoinlahMy view of the stage after squeezing my way through the crowd

There was this annoying asshole next to me who kept screaming, he was drunk. If I weren’t blazed, I would’ve punched him in the face. That’s the magic of Marijoinlah, it makes any asshole tolerable. While we were all anxiously waiting, everyone kept chanting. I felt the whole place vibrating and it amplified even more when Kevin showed up and said, “You guys are crazy”

Afterwards, when they played the intro, I went completely Gorilla mode. I tend to unleash the inner Harambe in me when I’m at concerts and music fests. I just can’t help it, my love for music supersedes my civilized ways.

Harambe MarijoinlahRIP Harambe

After the orgasmic intro, they played Let It Happen along with several other sublime crafted tracks. They played a lot of their old songs too, I felt like I was in high school again.

If you’re very introspective and a huge dork for lyrics like me, then you’d understand what I’m about to say next. I’m a fan of Tame Impala because Kevin Parker is a genius. Every album from them felt like it was crafted personally for me because of how relatable the lyrics are, accompanied with catchy beats, intergalactic guitar rhythms and fat loud bass lines. Their songs have always been there for me during wry times as it offers me solace. So, to witness them live felt like the ultimate dream. It was almost like Kevin was narrating my whole life story during the concert. I felt like I was in my own movie, starring yours truly.

Let me elaborate why.

Whenever, I feel intense and nervous about a situation, I’d listen to Let It Happen, because really, I just need to let things happen the way they’re supposed to happen. Things are out of my control.

Whenever, I meet a guy that I’m really into but he doesn’t feel the same way and I get friendzoned, I listen to It Is Not Meant To be. It sucks being friend-zoned and Kevin understands.

Whenever, someone significant comes along and we immediately click, I’d listen to Mind Mischief, because I’m really into him but I’m unsure of where it will lead to so I just keep my concerns to myself. I don’t want to ruin the moment.

Whenever, I feel lonely and out of place, I’d listen to Why Won’t They Talk To Me because it hits close to home. Really close.

Whenever, there’s something going on between me and a guy and it’s potentially going to break my heart, I’d listen to The Moment. As much fun as you have with someone, there are bound to be consequences that you’re not ready for.

Whenever, I reflect on how egoistic people can be and have absolutely no humility, I’d listen to Elephant. All of us have moments where we let our egos take over and ruin things, no one’s an exception.

Whenever, I think about my ex and how much I’ve grown out of the relationship, I’d listen to Yes I’m Changing because I have definitely changed. I was an entirely different person when we were together and it wouldn’t make sense trying to rekindle an old flame. We both need to move on. Best breakup song ever.

Whenever, I ended things with a certain someone and both of us are trying to move on, I’d listen to The Less I Know The Better. Because really, the less you know about whoever your former crush/fling/significant other are currently dating, the better. Save yourself the torture.

Whenever, I have deep feelings for someone and he feels the same way but I know we would only end up hurting each other, I’d listen to Eventually. We both deserve the best and sometimes, no matter how much two people love each other, it’s just not enough.

Whenever, I feel like my self-esteem has extremely plummeted and I pretend to be someone I’m not in order to impress others, I’d listen to Alter Ego. “The only one who’s really judging you, is yourself. Nobody else.” I love that line.

Whenever, I reminisce about my high school days where I had high hopes for someone that friend-zoned me, I’d listen to Feels Like We Only Go Backwards. All those wasted years trying to convince yourself that he/she feels the same way as you do can hurt like hell. So glad that phase of my life is over. I was so awkward and I had skin like Godzilla too. Freaking hormones.

Whenever, I meet a guy and we’re both into each other but he won’t give me a straight answer, I’d listen to Why Won’t You Make Up Your Mind? because damn it, make up your mind already asshole! I’m not referring to any particular asshole though. Thankfully, there’s no such asshole in my life right now.

Whenever, I feel like it’s time to let go of the past and at the same time, I’m afraid of the changes that are coming ahead, I’d listen to New Person, Same Old Mistakes. It’s like having a conversation with yourself. The part of you that wants to let go and explore are conflicted, with the part of you that wants to remain boxed in. It’s a daily struggle within ourselves.

Coincidentally, they played all of my favourites mentioned above. It was almost like they read my mind. All of us sang their lyrics word for word at the top of our lungs, and I swear, at that moment, I felt so united. To top it all off, some guy was passing around a J and I asked for a hit, he then let me finish it. Cool dude. Everyone jumped according to the beat and if I didn’t jump, I could feel the whole place shaking like an earthquake.

Tame Impala Live Marijoinlah

What a beautiful night

I went home that night with a sense of enlightenment. Marijoinlah and Tame Impala songs fit each other like a glove. Especially if you’re an introspective person who’s always contemplating about life. Ever since their concert, I can’t listen to Tame Impala without my body moving like it’s being possessed (I can’t dance but I try anyways.)

I’m a hippie that way I guess.








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