My Love Hate Relationship With Marijoinlah

My Love Hate Relationship with Marijoinlah       

 By Daddy Dank

1 May 2017

I have been a connoisseur since I was 18. Not a fact I am particularly proud of, but also being one has, for better or worse, shaped who I am today. That first session, though, I remember more clearly than my last name (not that my memory is in its best form due to completely unknown reasons).

Drag one: “bro tastes funny”

Drag four: “bro like nothing only”

Drag sixteen: “bro I can’t feel feelings anymore!”

Marijoinlah Noob

Ah the first time I lost my virjoinity. And since then we formed a crew to have our sessions, and this went on for months, until everyone eventually moved on to the next phases of their lives, mostly uni. We still meet up from time to time when the stars align to relive the good old times….but

Marijoinlah Crew

The biggest let down of the stuff is this, (and I am damn sure all of you will agree with me) is that you will never be able get that first few state of mind you ever had, nos matter how many hits of the jay or any other equipment you build with your Kemahiran Hidup skills that you have.

Here’s where the love starts leaning towards the hate… start chasing that first state of mind and expecting it and it never comes ever again. Not if you quit for years and try it again, and even then it’s only a small chance that you will get that first feeling of pure joy and massively inappropriate giggles. That’s because the brain is a wonderful thing, and after your first few session it rearranges itself to cope with this foreign influence on it.

It’s a slippery slope, when you go chasing this first feels…because you will be driven to hit harder and harder, until you realize that the definition of dependency is essentially chasing of the first feels.

And when you don’t get that, the session ends with monologues along the lines of “damn should have not started this session at all”

Marijoinlah Dog

NONETHELESS, the recreational session still alleviates the struggles of daily life by letting anxiety and stress out for a holiday. The occasional session with buddies lets everyone blow off steam and bond over stupid shit conversations that has nothing to do with anything. The world, suddenly becomes small and simple for the 2 hours, and this is essentially what keeps us connoisseurs coming back session after session, to appreciate the Marijoinlah.

And sometimes its even the fun from just session-ing alone, which really lets you listen to what you are trying to tell yourself, and look at life’s complexities from an altered perspective.

Oh and the joy of mega munchies sessions goes without saying.

 Marijoinlah Munchies

And between the love and the hate is where all connoisseurs with a successful life from all aspects, including career, relationships and self-image live, and this land is called Moderatistan. While others, in the excitement of being newly introduced to the stuff or trying to be something they're not, exist in Extremistan. Overindulgence in anything has never been a good idea, just look at Cookie Monster.




The moral of the story my fellow connoisseurs, is enjoy responsibly : )

Till then,

Daddy Dank





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