Our Paths Crossed Cause of a J

Passing J Stoner Michelangelo


“Our paths crossed just because of a J”- Mahatma Gaydhi

*Names are changed to maintain anonymity*

I was in college with Mahatma Gaydhi after a long day of prepping for an artwork competition. Jaded and exhausted, both of us felt a sense of accomplishment and so, we decided to reward ourselves with Marijoinlah. I rolled us a fatty then we went to this apartment building parking lot, (one of our regular spots for sessions) and began smoking. As we were passing the J back and forth, we had a conversation about how we became friends while watching the sunset. “Our paths crossed just because of a J” he said, I paused in silence and started to reminisce.

Here’s a story of how our friendship was born. 

A few months earlier before we met, some random dude (who happens to be acquaintances with Mahatma Gaydhi) took screenshots of my Tinder and posted it on Twitter to his 90.8K followers. There was a picture of me holding a J on my Tinder. I guess it seemed unusual for a Hijabi to be a Marijoinlah head and it caused quite a fuss. The tweet had 64 retweets. I had no idea of what was happening until one of my friends showed it to me. My friends all saw it and wouldn’t stop laughing about it to my face weeks later. Ha ha.

I was even baked when I found out and I just laughed it off. I decided it was time for me to take a break from Twitter and I went on hiatus for 3 months. The internet was becoming too much, I needed to clear my head. I kept myself busy with projects and assignments.

Apparently, when this was all happening, Mahatma Gaydhi showed Spongebong Hempants the tweet and joked about it. Spongebong Hempants immediately recognized me because we had met before at a Script-Writing talk with Redza Minhat. During the talk, I openly told everyone that I like depressing movies and Spongebong Hempants took note. She came to me and said, “Hi, I feel like we can be friends because I like depressing movies too.” She gave me her number and told me to text her. I never did and totally forgot about it. A few months later, the 3 of us ended up being classmates. We were in the same class for Screen Production Techniques. I’ve always seen them around but we never properly talked.

One fateful day, I was really bored in class and I had a fat J in my bag. I wanted to have a session but none of my homies were free and I didn’t want to blaze alone. I turned on my Marijoinlah radar and scanned around the class for any potential future homies. For some odd reason, my eyes were fixed at Mahatma Gaydhi and Spongebong Hempants. I just had this unshakeable feeling that they were Marijoinlah heads too.

I looked at them from head to toe, they gave me a chill vibe. Mahatma Gaydhi seemed so effortlessly fabulous while Spongebong Hempants was dressed like a modern day Hijabi hippie. I couldn’t ignore the feeling and I was curious so I approached them. I walk towards them then I tapped on their shoulders and said, “Can I ask you guys something?” they seemed perplexed. “Sure,” Mahatma Gaydhi responded, then I finally popped the golden question, “Do you guys blaze?” the look on their faces afterwards were priceless. “Yes” they answered, then I proceeded on asking, “Do you guys want to smoke a J with me after class?” both of them looked at each other in shock and then looked back at me again and shouted a loud unanimous “YES!”

After class ended, they brought me to this hidden alleyway that had walls covered with mediocre graffiti art. I took out the J and sparked it up.


This is art, okay.

We started talking, there was instant chemistry and it felt like I had known them forever. It’s like we were soulmates! They later told me about the random Twitter incident and that they were skeptical at first. They couldn’t believe that I was a Marijoinlah head because in class I seemed like an innocent nerd (I’m very interactive with my lecturers, received a lot of praise during presentations and I always get the answers right in class.)


From then on, we continued to have many particularly rich and binding sessions, especially before heading to class. I’ve already graduated but we’re still close to this day. Ever since then, we’d always made an effort to meet up for a sesh, anytime, anywhere. This is why I love Marijoinlah, the strongest friendships are formed and it makes the world a smaller place. All thanks to a fatty J.


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