Project Muggle: Butter Chicken Experience

*Names are changed to maintain anonymity*

Usually when I hear the word ‘edibles,’ I tend to think of brownies and cookies. I never once thought that our beloved product could be combined harmoniously with my next favourite thing in the world, which is, chicken. Butter Chicken. Goddamn.

Recently, I met this exceptional couple who are quite experienced Marijoinlah connoisseurs. For the sake of their anonymity, I’m gonna call them Gun and Black Mamba. We were introduced to each other by our fabulous friend, Mahatma Gaydhi. They’re the most chill couple I’ve ever came across. We instantly clicked during our first session and ever since then, I’ve never turned down any opportunity to smoke them out. It’s always refreshing to expand your circle of friends with Marijoinlah, united together regardless of race, religion and culture. After all, Marijoinlah is universal. It’s for everyone!

I was on Twitter feeling emo, posting tweets like a whiny 13 year old with raging hormones, ranting like it’s nobody’s business (which I immediately regretted the decision after a few hours, and man, I have no self-control sometimes) and then suddenly, my phone vibrated. I checked my phone and I was put in a group chat on WhatsApp titled “Project Muggle” along with other Marijoinlah heads. It was later changed to “The Joint Connection,” then it was changed again to “Stuff.” Gun and Black Mamba arranged it.


Bart Simpson Marijoinlah

This was the Whatsapp group picture lol

Apparently, these geniuses were planning a get together titled ‘Project Muggle.’ Gun wanted to serve us his own marvelous spin on Butter chicken. It’s not just any Butter Chicken, it’s Marijoinlah infused Butter Chicken! Damn, son.

I totally forgot about the emo tweets I posted earlier and started planning for Project Muggle. I was in charge of getting the ingredients and Marijoinlah. Mahatma Gaydhi accompanied me and man, we were so bad at grocery shopping that we kept walking around in circles with a trolley like lost idiots at the supermarket. We weren’t even baked yet! I finally understand what my mom has to go through every time she goes out to get groceries, you’re the best ma (I’m still getting a hang of this grown-up thing, baby steps you know.) After struggling with the ingredients, we made our way to Mahatma Gaydhi’s place and prepared everything for Project Muggle to commence.

I slipped into my comfy jammies, took out the Marijoinlah, placed it on the table and started rolling Js in the living room. Everyone came over, started talking and just chillin. Gun brought his special equipment and became an Engineer, he grabbed a bottle and turned it into an apparatus for us to pass around and take hits from. I lit up the first J of the night (I don’t recall exactly how many Js we had but it was a lot) it was 9 P.M. and we just kept puffin and passin non-stop.

As we were all chillin and vibin, I felt like we needed music so I said, “Yo, put on Stoney by Post Malone” (Stoney is my go to album for blazing these days) then I heard someone shouted back, “White Iverson!”

We traded places on switching music, blazing hard to Post Malone, Travis Scott, Skepta, Big Sean, Radiohead, M.I.A, and Britney Spears songs. From then on, I knew all of us were going to get along just fine. They’re my kind of Marijoinlah heads, laid back and super chill. Spongebong Hempants brought drinks and snacks over for us to munch on.

Marijoinlah Munchies

Mmmm munchies



Potato Chips Marijoinlah

Everyone was struggling to get the potato chips so Spongebong Hempants created a solution


Marijoinlah Potato Chips

Totally worked, everyone was happy. Yay

Gun was busy making his special Butter Chicken in the kitchen. He explained everything, from the use of each ingredient, how much dosage of Marijoinlah you should put in and how to cook the chicken to perfection. I felt like I was in an episode of Masterchef witnessing his work of art.

Marijoinlah Butter Chicken

Goddamn, I miss this already.

Check out the recipe here on Marijoinlah HappyReceipe section!

I sat my fat ass down back in the living room and that’s when I shouted, “yo, the butter chicken is ready!” I took a bite and I swear, Yours Truly by Post Malone was playing and he was singing this verse, “I’ve been eatin so good, bitch my belly broke” as I kept chewing. It was fate.

 Post Malone Marijoinlah

Cheers Post Malone

 It was the best butter chicken I’ve ever had. No joke. By far, my favourite edible experience ever. Gun is a genius with edibles. All of us watched Rick and Morty and High Maintenance afterwards and we wouldn’t shut up about how orgasmic the butter chicken was. Black Mamba told me to slow my roll, but knowing me, I kept rolling Js anyway.

Mean Girls Marijoinlah

I kept teasing everyone because they were trippin balls at this point. Every time I finished rolling a J, I’d hold it up and ask, “Is this too thin?” everybody looked at me and Tofu said, “are you serious? That’s a fatty!” damn right it is. There were only 7 of us left. Mahatma Gaydhi, Spongebong Hempants, Mimi, Hapez, Tofu and myself. We kept on eating and passing Js throughout the night, laughing and trippin like hippies to Rick and Morty then High Maintenance afterwards. It was ethereal, I felt like I melted into the couch while the room was spinning like a merry go round.

Marijoinlah Stoned

This was me at the end of the night

Everyone had a great time and eventually, the party came to an end. We said our goodbyes and hit the sack. I’m definitely going to make Marijoinlah Butter Chicken at home after this. Gun said that he wasn’t satisfied with how the butter chicken turned out. He’s planning to throw another Project Muggle: Part 2 and make his best Marijoinlah butter chicken ever. I don’t know how that’s even possible, it was already damn good! Look forward to it anyways.



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