Review of Our 5 Favorite Blunt Wraps!

1. Kingpin Hemp Wraps 

The clear leader of blunt wraps, Kingpin Hemp Wraps come in 6 tasty flavours. Each pack has 4 sheets, kept fresh in the resealable foil pouch. Most blunt wrap brands offer 2-sheet packs, so it's refreshing to see a 4-sheet pack in the market! Remove the wraps from the package and you'll notice they're folded with Kingpin's Perfect Fold Technology, designed to help you roll easily. Blunts can sometimes be difficult to stick, but this is where Kingpin nails it again. Each sheet has a gummed edge so no need for excessive licking.

Kingpin Laid Back - Honey
Kingpin Manic - Mango
Kingpin Original G - Natural
Kingpin Purple - Grape
Kingpin Blue - Blueberry
Kingpin Fly - Energy Drink

These hemp wraps are simply made from hemp fibres, giving it a greenish tint. Get this unique blunt here.

                Kingpin Hemp Wrap



2. Juicy Hemp Blunt Wraps

Just like their Kingpin counterparts, Juicy Jays Hemp Wraps are relatively new to the market. Say bye to reconstituted tobacco in your blunts! The resulting smoke is extremely flavorful and has a crisp texture to it. Definitely a yes if you’re a connoisseur who prefers going pure without the added tabaccy! Each pack has 2 sheets and also comes in a resealable foil pouch. Flavours available:

Juicy Hemp Wraps Strawberry
Juicy Hemp Wraps Natural
Juicy Hemp Wraps Mango Papaya
Juicy Hemp Wraps Grape
Juicy Hemp Wraps Tropical Passion
Juicy Hemp Wraps Black & Blueberry

Get these Hemp Wraps here.

                Juicy Hemp Wrap


3. Juicy Classic Flavored Blunt Wraps

These classic double wraps were given a makeover in 2020. Juicy Jays reshuffled their flavors to focus on a select line and provide a much higher quality product than before. Nevertheless, you can still have a different flavor fog in your crib every day of the week. Juicy Blunts are the juiciest most flavorsome blunts and are considered to be the OG's in the game.

Juicy Jays Infrared Blunts (Cherry)
Juicy Jays Red Alert Blunts (Strawberry-Raspberry-Grape)
Juicy Jays Trip Blunts (you try figure this one out...)
Juicy Jays Tropical Blunts (Fruit Punch)
Juicy Jays Blue Blunts (Blueberry)
Juicy Jays Wham Bam Blunts (Watermelon)

The burn is slow and we’ve been told they’re literally finger licking good by connoisseurs who decided to suck on their thumbs instead of leaving the house to hunt for munchies. Explore Juicy Jays Blunts here.

         Juicy Jays Infrared Blunt Wraps


4. Cyclones Xtra Slo Blunt

Cyclones Pre Rolled Cigar Cones are the premium pick of the Cyclones Blunts. These extra slow burning are double wrapped with the finest tobacco leafs and are guaranteed to deliver an intense experience! Each blunt comes with a 'Dank 7' reusable Bamboo tip that's soaked in flavor for 7 days to lock in that tasty aroma. The Cyclones Xtra Slow Blunt comes together with a neat plastic tube for storage and a packing tool to help you roll. Worry no more about blunt hogging story tellers, the blunt is made to last the session! The Cyclones Pre Rolled Blunts now come in packs of two, and in hemp too!

Cyclone Xtra Slo Blunt



5. Blunt Wrap Double Platinum

If you like thick smoke, Double Platinum Blunt Wraps are for you. Add some succulent flavour to your blunt roll with these double pack blunts. The aroma and taste you get from this fresh blunt is second to none! The fruit flavors are so thick it will count as your daily fruit intake requirement. Get these badboys here.

Blunt Wrap Double Platinum




For Asia’s widest collection of blunts head over to Marijoinlah's Blunt Wrap Section!


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