Review Of Our 8 Favourite Rolling Papers

This one is for all you old-school folks out there who just like rolling up a classic J. These days there a so many ways of consuming like vaporizing, oils and edibles. All of this new information and methods can get overwhelming, confusing and even dangerous at times. Go back to basics, sometimes you just have to keep it simple and roll!

Below is our review of 8 of our favourite rolling papers and we strongly support all of these manufacturers!


  • 1. Elements King Size Slim
  • Elements are an incredibly clean and thin rolling paper, and they are made from pure rice. Elements contain NO chemicals, NO pulp, and NO hemp. Elements are designed to maintain the smoothest burn possible, and they rarely run (burn unevenly). Pick up a pack of Elements with its pairing Element Tips and you're good to go!

    Cost: RM 3.00

    Fun Fact: These beautiful papers are made in a small town called Alcoy, all the way in the mountains north of Alicante, Spain

     Elements KS

  • 2. OCB King Size Organic Hemp

  • OCB Organic Hemp papers are an excellent eco-friendly rolling paper, and they give that neat wrap good ol' OCBs deliver. These Hemp papers are super thin, light, easy to roll with and they burn nice and slow. You don't get them in most shops so I stock up on loads all the time. Based on my personal experience I give these 5 Stars. They are my all time favourite and go to papers!

    Cost: RM 4.75

     OCB Organic KS Slim

  • 3. Trip2 1 1/4 Size Clear Rolling Papers

  • Trip rolling papers are the original clear rolling papers from Brazil and are the best selling clear rolling papers on the market. These natural rolling papers burn slower and less harshly than other clear papers which is why they remain so popular in the community. The great thing about the Trip2 1 1/4 Size Rolling Papers is that they are in between a shorty and a king size roll, just the right size for my medium clear cones! ;)

    Cost: RM 4.50

    Fun Fact: It is not plastic, they are 100% natural and made from plant cellulose!

     Trip 2 KS Paper

  • 4. Raw Organic Rolls 5 Meters

  • RAW Organic rolling papers are made from organically grown chlorine free pure hemp, and they are processed in an eco-friendly manner. This is a very thin paper that burns slow and tastes clean. The magic with the Raw Organic Rolls is that you control how large your roll is going to be. Simply tear off as much as you like, just like you would with a roll of kitchen towels or toilet paper! You can always count on RAW products all day, everyday.

    Cost: RM 8.50

     RAW Organic Rolls


  • 5. Juicy Jays King Size Flavoured Papers

  • Juicy Jays King Size Rolling Papers come in so many different flavours. These papers are perfect for chill time, best served on beaches, by pools or on your favourite couch. Juicy Jay's flavoured papers are the fruitiest rolling papers out there, fo real no kidding! To maintain the flavour throughout the paper they use a Triple-Dipped Flavouring System and Soy-based ink with natural sugar gum. So good you could even eat it own its own (at your own risk).

    Cost: RM 9.00

    Top Tip: Get experimental by rolling two different flavoured Juicy Jays papers together to make a cocktail! ;)

     Juicy Jay Flavored Papers


  • 6. Shine 24K Gold Rolling Papers

  • This 100% pure edible gold leaf wrap is handcrafted from a blend of hemp and 24K Gold. The Shine papers range from Regular 1 1/4 size to King Size rolling papers, there's even a pre-rolled cone in a neat carrying tube. My favourite are the White Gold pack which have 2 24 karat gold sheets. The papers also come with a Shine certificate of authenticity for you to keep! Definitely one for serious celebrations or for a special time with a special someone.

    Cost: from RM 79.00

    Fun Fact: You will morph into a rock star while smoking these. Please prepare accordingly.

     Shine 24k Rolling Papers

  • 7. Balut King Size Slim

  • BALUT Papers is a proud Malaysian brand which commits to share the Malaysian identity to ourselves and the rest of the world. Inhale the best, release the stress. Sapot Lokal!

    100% Organic Raw unbleached fibres and organic gum used in the production of the papers give off nice hints of flavours that will lift up your BALUT smoking experience. These fine thin rolling papers burn smoothly, slowly, evenly and they leave tiny amount of ash as compared to normal rolling papers. Try burning a sheet and see for yourself!

    Cost: RM 5.00

    8. Marijoinlah King

    Of course, the list will not be complete with our very own homegrown Marijoinlah King Rolling Papers. With a stealthy yet intricate design, Marijoinlah King comes with a booklet of rolling papers and filter tips conveniently packed together. The papers itself are unbleached wood rolling paper, for a smooth and even burn. Unbleached papers also taste less harsh and produce less ash so you can enjoy the good stuff as it should be enjoyed. 

    Each booklet comes with a protective sheet, it looks & feels different so don't smoke that sheet! You get 32 sheets of paper and 32 accompanying tips. Each tip is also perforated so you can roll your M's perfectly. Try a Marijoinlah King and tag us when you post a snap on social media (keep it safe!).

    Cost: RM 8.00


    Marijoinlah King Rolling Papers


    These are our favourites, do let us know what are yours and if we missed any out and we will try them out for purely research purposes ; )

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