Shattering Stereotypes: Why I accept Marijoinlah

I despise the fact that people tend to associate Marijoinlah with being slow, lazy and unproductive like sloths. I’m a functional 21 year old Hijabi who wakes and bakes every single day and I always manage to get things done. Never in my life has Marijoinlah affected me negatively, like how politicians and the media portrays it.

Marijoinlah Stereotypes

In retrospect, I was once guilty of having a bias perception towards Marijoinlah too, but fortunately, that has changed over the years. I get annoyed when people give me looks and make quick assumptions when I tell them I’m a Marijoinlah head. Perhaps, they’re brainwashed by societal standards or they might’ve had encounters with Marijoinlah heads who weren’t very responsible people. But nonetheless, the stigma people have towards Marijoinlah is absolutely inaccurate.

I’m not gonna lie, I’ve met people who’d pin the blame on Marijoinlah for their bad habits and failures in life but that’s on them. They might have other underlying issues but refuse to acknowledge it, which in result, cause them to blame on the “devil’s lettuce” for their mishaps.

I guess it depends on what kind of person you are and how you incorporate Marijoinlah into your life. For me, I consume it to relax and it even aids me with my creativity in developing ideas. It has never hindered me from important tasks, relationships and other priorities.  I consider myself a fairly responsible user, I don’t do it in front of kids and I don’t go ape-shit crazy when I’m dry.

Now that I’ve mastered the method of applying Marijoinlah into my work, it stimulates my brain and offers an abstract train of thought. Every script I wrote while under the influence of Marijoinlah, have received much praise from my lecturers and peers. As a writer, I like how it puts me into a different state of mind than what I’m usually used to thinking, feeling and perceiving. It allows me to have access to certain thoughts and ideas that I hadn’t had before. It makes me think outside the box, challenging my creativity to far greater lengths and depths.

Flashing back, the first time I was offered a J, I got scared. I thought I could easily build a dependency on it, that I’d abandon all of my responsibilities and end up becoming a bum.

Reefer Madness Marijoinlah

But instead, I was only unprepared for the sudden hit of euphoria and huge appetite for food or as people call it, the munchies (My top Munchies under RM 15 here). I even take breaks for a few months at times and never once I felt like I desperately needed Marijoinlah. These are the consequences.

Having been consuming for ages, I’ve come to notice how completely misinformed I was about Marijoinlah. I feel like it’s a moral duty for me to educate others about this as it has many therapeutic benefits too. It relieves menstrual cramps, migraines, nausea, fatigue, and for anxious people, it’s far more effective in dealing with stress and anxiety compared to anti-depressants. This is also backed up by research according to many credible scientists and doctors so, I’m not just spewing lies here.

My story is similar to the story of regular folks who consume Marijoinlah each day. So what? What will it lead to? What’s the big deal? What’s the harm? I didn’t hit rock bottom, I didn’t binge eat to the point where my stomach’s going to explode, I didn’t end up homeless somewhere by the street, I never failed any of my classes during my Diploma years and I sure as heck didn’t become distant from my loved ones. Ironically, the only thing dangerous about Marijoinlah is getting caught with it.

That being said, story on my first time having brownies was absolutely ridiculous.

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