Taken For A Fool: Getting Ripped Off

One of the biggest life lessons involves being conned. At some point in our lives, we’ve all had been lied to, taken for fools and had encounters with the conniving conmen of our society. I’m quite sure these things happen frequently, particularly during an exchange for Marijoinlah with the typical Schwaggman. What typical Schwaggman do I speak of? It’s the guy who acts friendly and trusting at first, trying to convince you that their stuff is the finest, biggest and most wanted around town. They’re assholes.

It’s easy to con someone when it comes to Marijoinlah because there are no rules and regulations, or precise packaging of any kind, no customer service line for you to whine to when you’re dissatisfied with your product and of course, plenty of folks who are idiots for customers. It’s a gamble every time.

Harold and Kumar MarijoinlahDodgy dealers everywhere.

Here’s a story of my first time getting conned.

It was my first semester in college, I had just moved to a new place and I didn’t have a contact for Marijoinlah. When I finally found a guy, he didn’t want to negotiate any further when we met face to face because he thought I was an undercover cop (my face is that innocent.) I was so angry and desperate but eventually, I found someone who was willing to help me out. Unfortunately, it was the typical Schwaggman (but I didn’t know that at first.) What an idiot, I made myself an easy target.

We met through a mutual homie, he wasn’t really in the business full time but he said that he could help a sister out. I was elated and he kept on mentioning how dope his stuff was.

However, in order for me to get it from him, I had to pay him first. As naïve and hasty I was, I accepted his offer. I figured, this person wouldn’t trick me since he knew my homie… WRONG!


I passed him the cash on Sunday and I expected to get it from him on the same day. He promised me a certain time to meet up, but when it was actually time to meet up, I got a text saying, “Sorry, running late. Be there in a bit.” I believed him so I kept waiting. But, as I waited and waited for hours, calling his phone nonstop like a crazy ex-girlfriend for the whole day, I finally get a text from him saying, “Not tonight, tomorrow. Sorry.”

I felt like punching a hole in the wall but I kept my cool and replied, “Sure, I’ll wait.” I’m a very tolerant person and because of this, people tend to take advantage. He took his sweet-ass time delivering to me and it went on for the whole week. I relentlessly texted and called like a psychopath, but I couldn’t get a hold of him for days.

I was lying in bed, screaming with my face covered by a pillow and then suddenly, my phone vibrated. It was a text from the Schwaggman saying, “Sorry bro, had problems but I’m definitely coming today at 2 PM.” He didn’t come at 2 PM, he showed up at midnight. What an asshole.

When he came to the place we had originally agreed to meet at, he was in a hurry. We literally talked in less than a minute then he placed a folded crumpled piece of paper that was shaped like a tic tac in my palm. He was so fast that I couldn’t even stop him even if I wanted to. I gripped the stuff in my hand and quickly ran to my hostel. The whole time this was happening, I kept hoping that maybe the stuff isn’t as small as it appeared.

Once again, I was wrong. I got to my hostel, closed the door behind me and opened the piece of paper. My heart sank right after, the stuff was so small! Not only was it small, it looked like someone pinched half of the quantity that I had paid for. This was a huge shocker to me as I sat there bitterly, shaking my head at the injustice that had just been committed. I was completely ripped off! A moron, who had just funded a total stranger with her money, was actually surprised that someone would con her.

 Thinking back, I probably deserved it and I should’ve went full on Tyson when I dealt with the Schwaggman. Ever since then, I’ve learnt my lesson and had become much wiser when it comes to the exchange for Marijoinlah. After all, experience is your best teacher. We’ve all been there.



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