The 8 Fears of Every Marijoinlah Club Member

Marijoinlah is an experience that is meant to be enjoyed. However, while its acceptance around the world has never been as widespread as it is today, there are still hazards involved with being a connoisseur.  Some may have the freedom to have a session wherever, but some may have no choice but to only spark it up in the privacy of their homes.

Marijoinlah Paranoia


#1 Having a co-worker discover that you are a connoisseur

This can go 2 ways really. One, you’ve got a problem of a possible snitch on hand, OR, you just added 1 to your crew! Either way, promotes strong work ethic and to keep your prioritize work above your recreational activities.

The Office Marijoinlah

Yeah try not to look like this in the office


# 2 Hearing police sirens in a song

This is jokes really. Ever seen a buddy who looks like he’s gonna jump out of a moving car when some shitty rap song with sirens come through? But it’s a pretty dick move to have siren sounds in songs though like why can’t producers just use an ambulance siren or something.

Police siren in songs


# 3 Smelling like Marijoinlah

Ever been in situations where you couldn’t tell whether you smelled Marijoinlah only to realize that you smell like a walking farm? Make sure you have a bottle of 420 odor eliminator on standby.

Smelly Smell


# 4 Being judged by Non-connoisseurs

Most of us connoisseurs can take pride in our lifestyle while concurrently being fragile little things. The stuff doesn’t help either if you’re a person with high anxiety in general.

Being Judged Marijoinlah


# 5 our supplier goes ‘out of businesses

I think this one is self-explanatory I shall not elaborate : )


# 6 Getting ripped off by your supplier

At some point in our lives, we’ve all had been lied to, taken for fools and had encounters with the conniving conmen of our society. I’m quite sure these things happen frequently, particularly during an exchange for Marijoinlah with the typical Schwaggman. What typical Schwaggman do I speak of? It’s the guy who acts friendly and trusting at first, trying to convince you that their stuff is the finest, biggest and most wanted around town. Not like there is a customer service you can complain to.

Getting Ripped off by Schwagmen

Read more about Mother Tokisa’s lessons learned on getting ripped off here. 


#7 Getting the giggles at completely inappropriate situations

You know when someone is talking about a funeral of their relative and you just bust out a massive giggle, yeah that.



# 8 Spilling Your Stash

Now you have to collect everything from the ground and have a session of Marijoinlah with hints of cat hair. No worse than having no Marijoinlah at all right?

Kim Kardashian Feeling Bad

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