Top 8 Klang Valley Ramadhan Bazaars for the Munchies

Puasa month is not just for the Muslims to buy food to break fast. Among the perks of being Malaysian is that everyone of us gets to enjoy different kinds of festivities throughout the year.

One of the things I love is going to the Ramadan Bazaars. SO SINFUL BUT SO DELICIOUS.  From Ayam Percik's to the Roti John’s to the sweet Kuih Muih, the choices of food during this month is just too much to handle.

Here are our top 5 suggested bazaar and what you should eat;


1. Bazaar Ramadhan @ USJ 4

The USJ 4 bazaar is probably the best I have ever been. It has the right amount of food vendors and it is easy for you to maneuver around.  When you get there, the air greets you with the smell of some Malay-style grilled fish.  Spicy but yet tender (like my imaginary bollywood boyfriend...snap!)  There are different kinds of biryani too, from chicken to beef. One of the people’s favourites is the Uncle Jill’s Jacket Potatoes; stuffed with meat and cream. What a way to buka puasa or have your dinner!

Munchies in Klang Valley Bazaar Ramadan

Image via Time Out


2. Bazaar Ramadhan Seksyen 13, Shah Alam Stadium  

This bazaar is located at the car park of the Shah Alam Stadium. During the fasting month, a huuugge variety of offerings are on display and taste so good! The must try’s here are S.S Ali’s Fresh Spring Roll and Laksa Utara.  This spot is also famous for some tourists and uni students nearby. Not to worry there are plenty of parking spaces! This is one of the most convenient bazaars around town.

Munchies in Klang Valley Bazaar Ramadan

Image via Masak-Masak Blogspot


3. Bazaar Ramadhan @ Bangsar

Bangsar one of the cool hangouts in KL for drinking and eating! Same as other popular areas in KL and Selangor, the Bangsar bazaar has some of their must try food.  The daily bazaar is located at Jalan Telawi, right next to the Mosque. It is famous for its Putu Piring! That soft rice flour stuffed with some Gula Melaka and to top off with some grated coconut. If you work or live nearby, don’t forget to stop by for some munchies!

Munchies in Klang Valley Bazaar Ramadan

Image via Travel Chameleon


4. Bazaar Ramadhan @ Kampung Baru

The bazaar is located along Jalan Raja Alan and there are over 200 friggin stalls selling mouth watering local dishes. The one you can never miss is the Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa Stall (fragrant rice with ikan bilis, peanuts, egg and spicy sambal). Also don’t forget to try their Kebab Kukus, stuffed with chicken or beef in a steamed hot dog bun! For sweet treats, you will also find local sweet treats such Nona Manis, Tepung Pelita, and Apom Balik.

Munchies in Klang Valley Bazaar Ramadan

Image via Trip Advisor


5. Bazaar Ramadhan @ Kelana Jaya

Kelana Jaya Bazaars are one of the places you should not miss if you are looking to be spoilt with choices. The area is covered with smoke as vendors are grilling their fishes, satay’s and otak-otak. If you are someone that can eat a lot and don’t mind trying something new, look for the stall that says Nasi Ambang. This dish is a mix of fried chicken, rice, noodles, vege and some salted fish! Don’t just stop there go treat yo self with some Kuih Lapis ☺Munchies in Klang Valley Bazaar Ramadan

 Image via Epicurious Wordpress


6. Bazaar Ramadhan @ Section 17

To head to the Bazaar at Section 17, park at Jaya One and cross over the street for a hassle free parking! Like me I loveee Roti John, this one here is just too good.  Be patient, queue and then go savage (pls be considerate not to stuff your face in public). There are stalls selling bbq chicken wings and their satay is a must have too. There aren’t many varieties of kuih muih, but quality is on point!

Munchies in Klang Valley Bazaar Ramadan

 Image Via The Halal Food Blog


7. Bazaar Ramadhan @ Jalan Masjid India

Jalan Masjid India one of the hubs for clothes, jewelleries, food and lovely anneh’s! It is one of the cheapest places in town to shop!   Head to Mak Wan and buy some of their Mix Rice or we call it Nasi Campur. This dish is usually sold out by 5pm, so if you live far away head there earlier! Its centralized location makes it accessible too – it’s just minutes away from party district Bukit Bintang.

Munchies in Klang Valley Bazaar Ramadan

Image Via OhMyNews


8. Bazaar Ramadan @ TTDI

Taman Tun Dr Ismail or also called as TTDI. If you get lost just follow the trail of hipsters. The bazaar is at Jalan Tun Mohd Fuad 2. It’s best if you get there earlier around 4pm to enjoy a peace of mind while you stroll easily to get your food (it can get packed). The crowd is usually lining up for their Murtabak Raja with some pickled onions!  Don’t forget to complete your meal with some stuffed Apom Balik.  Everyone has always room for desserts. The TTDI Bazaar is a hotbed for new recipes and tasty trends so dont miss out!

Munchies in Klang Valley Bazaar Ramadan

Image Via Time Out

Hope this article brings you some insight on some new places to try this month.

Don’t forget to share with us your munchies or bazaars that are not listed on here!



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