Baller Festive Bundle

Baller Festive Bundle

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The Marijoinlah Baller Festival Bundle features the Bubbler, great for parties and chill sessions. This smoking bundle also includes Malaysian products, the Balut King Size Slim, Chunky Black+, Tropical Gold Hemp Wick and Marijoinlah Bungkus Doob Tubes! The Raw Artesano is the perfect on-the-go with papers, tips and a tray in one pack. 

Baller Festive Bundle:

  • 1 x Bubbler (RM 60.00)
  • 1 x Raw Artesano King Size Slim with Tray and Tips (RM 13.00)
  • 1 x Raw Single Wide Double Pack (RM 4.60)
  • 1 x Balut King Size Slim (RM 5.00)
  • 1 x Chunky Black+ King Size Slim with Tips (RM 8.00)
  • 1 x Tropical Gold Hemp Wick 500cm (RM 16.90)
  • 2 x Marijoinlah Bungkus Doob Tubes (RM 12.00)
  • 1 x Raw Unrefined Tips (RM 2.10)

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