Cyclones Dank7 Bamboo Filter Tips

Cyclones Dank7 Bamboo Filter Tips

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Wooden rolling tips made from bamboo and soaked in flavour for 7 days! Add some flavour to any roll with these Cyclones Dank7 tips. The filter tips are reusable but try not to overuse them, fresh ones always taste better. Simply stick your roll into the hollow end.

Wonderberry adds a berrylicious sweet punch and the Sugar Cane gives an intense sweet taste. Each tip is also shaped for a nice fit on the lips, giving you a stylish and comfortable smoke.

4 tips per tube

Customer Reviews

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Surprised and Happy

Absolutely amazing, full of flavour.

Enjoyed it so much that I don't want smoke without it. It improved my smoking experience by ton folds.

Also helps to absorb the excessive tar that enters orally making this a must have tool for every type of smoker.

Thank you for such a nice product.

bhasma Giri
Nyam nyam [TLDR? Read last few lines]

It's.. like.. do I even need this ah?

Macam wasting money ni.. 7 ringgyetz lagii haih..

Takpa la kot.. try lu.. alang2 la while buying other stuff, can save delivery cost.

*Cyclone FilterTips arrives...*
Try Jerr laa, dah sampai ponn.. haih.. waste of money. Mcb..

Homaigod! Mata terblyaaq!

*Immediately orders more from

Hahahaha now I can't live without my bamboo filter tips. Thanks Cyclone. Thanks Marijoinlah...!