DynaVap 2019

DynaVap 2019 "M"

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Made in the USA, DynaVap’s ingenuity has taken the vape world by storm. Butane powered; they do what most other vaporizers cannot – completely free you from plugging in. Heating with a torch is convenient, but the ritual and technique for using a DynaVap will be pleasantly familiar to “old-school” tokers. That is likely why we hear more about the M helping people quit smoking than any other vape on the market. The M is great because it’s affordable, very small (pen-sized), almost indestructible, electronics-free, easy to learn, and most importantly it is just damn fun to use. No doubt one of the best vapes you can buy; many would say the DynaVap M is the best vaporizer you can buy period.

Product Characteristics:
Midsection: Stainless Steel
Condenser: Standard
Mouthpiece: Stainless Steel
Total Length: 92 mm.

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