G Pen Elite X The Stash:  Deluxe Edition Dry Vaporizers

G Pen Elite x The Stash : Deluxe Edition

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Introducing the Stash x G Pen Elite Vaporizer, a limited edition collaboration with legendary New York City graffiti artist, Stash. The first release in G Pen’s Street Artist Series, the Stash x G Pen Elite is housed in a fully customized, individually numbered “Stash Can” bearing a floral pattern created exclusively for G Pen. The Stash x G Pen Elite Vaporizer is completed with a matching charging dock, custom grinder card, resealable smell-proof bag, as well as exclusive Stash and G Pen enamel pins.


Stash was born in Long Island, New York in 1967. He is considered one of New York’s graffiti legends, pivotal to the East Village scene of the early 1980’s. He exhibited his first canvases alongside pop art pioneers Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat when he was only 17. By the late 1990’s, Stash had pioneered the use of graphic elements of graffiti on streetwear through high-profile collaborations with companies such as Nike and Bathing Ape. The move ensured his work reached a much wider audience than the gallery visitor and played a key role in the widespread understanding of graffiti, which in turn led to its public acceptance. Stash is now firmly established as an innovator and influencer in the world of urban design.

What's included:

1 x Stash G Pen Elite
1 x Stash G Pen Stash Can
1 x Stash G Pen Elite Charging Dock
1 x Stash G Card
1 x Resealable Bag
2 x Enamel Pins
2 x Stickers
1 x G Pen Tool
1 x Cleaning Brush


This device comes with a 1 year manufacturer warranty on electronic components. 

Please allow 3 - 7 working days for the delivery of this device.


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