Glass Stem for Arizer Air, Air 2, Solo, Solo 2

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The curved glass stem is compatible for use with the Arizer Air, Arizer Air 2, Arizer Solo and Arizer Solo 2. From tip to tip, the stem measures 12.5 cm (the bend is about 5 cm). Some users prefer the cuved Glass Stem because the resin is trapped right at the curve, which they think is a little healthier.

Another option is the straight glass stem. Designed for the Arizer Solo, but also works perfectly with Arizer Solo 2, Air, and Air 2. It is an original equipment from Arizer, and it promotes exceptional functionality. Some may find it easier to store a straight glass stem within a vaporizer case. It can also be conveniently slid inside your pocket. The straight shape also keeps residue to build up inside the tube and allows for easy cleaning. Each product includes 1 piece of straight glass stem measuring about 10.9cm