Raw Pre Rolled Cones King Size (32 Cones)

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Made of unrefined natural fibers these RAW Classic Cones are pre-rolled and packed practical and transportable. A RAW-tip folded into a W is already rolled-in. The patented CrissCross-Watermark provides a slow and evenly burning. Each package contains 32 pre-rolled cones, bundled up in 4 and a sturdy paper straw to help you filling.

- Length: approx. 109 mm
- Diameter: approx. 6 - 11 mm
- Length of the tip: approx. 21 mm
- Measurements of the package: 20 x 40 x 180 mm
- VEGAN-friendly and gluten free
- Free from chlorine, wood or biogenetics
- Manufactured with eco-friendly wind power