SEA Games Gold Medal

SEA Games Gold Medal

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Mari tengok SEA Games! We've got specially curated Gold, Silver and Bronze medal bundles so you can support our heros and menang, while tenang. Let's rise together! #SEAGames2017

Made for the connoisseurs, the Gold Medal Bundle is a mix of our best sellers and includes some storage options for your kit. You'll find 2 Marijoinlah Bungkus tubes to keep your roll safe and private, a Raw Pop Up Tin for your loose tobacco and a Metal Grinder which grinds and stores tobacco! Featured in this bundle are the Kingpin Hemp Blunts, quickly becoming the No. 1 Bestseller in our collection. For the added finesse, we're throwing in 3 Metres of some amazing Malaysian-made all natural hemp wick.

SEA Games Gold Bundle:

  • 2 x Marijoinlah Bungkus Doob Tube (RM 12.00)
  • 1 x 50mm 3-part Metal Grinder (RM 39.00)
  • 1 x Raw Pop Up Tin (RM 24.90)
  • 1 x Elements King Size Slim (RM 2.60)
  • 1 x Raw Classic 1 1/4 Size  (RM 4.50)
  • 1 x Raw King Size Supreme Rolling Papers (RM 8.00)
  • 1 x Raw Organic Rolls (RM 8.50)
  • 2 x Kingpin Hemp Blunt - Blueberry Bomb, Spanish Fly (RM 11.00)
  • 1 x Tropical Gold Hemp Wick 3 Metre (RM 11.90)
  • 1 x DLX Deluxe Rolling Tips (RM 3.00)
  • 1 x Raw Wide Tips (RM 2.10)

Get your grinders, papers, blunts and tips the all in one convenient SEA Games Gold Medal Bundle!


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